Saturday, November 3, 2007

For Matina

press law for encryption

flowflicks /litter /my septuncial hard den--
his Carmen of the Eye…

but tearsday is pure Mercurian sheen which explains my insomnia paradoxes
and[explains all the Omissions in the the Eccles, loaded in a Neoclassical vellum
to suit my equally neoclassical [cough]

fear Carmen of the the raddled misaligned name, yours, his, hers
smeared on a loose erogenous book uttered by lips erudite on that moanday - shatteringday-- almost Greek
in its verticality

she has thrown away that eye
highpitched whirlwords listening maddeningly to the silent space of its pupil
nothing visionary about this mercilessly tenebrous past text…

my litany
the Safe-Text the safe text the safe text the safetext...

yes. folks, somewhere out there there is a batch of Guinness with my name on it, Batch if you are in a bar and see my name on a barrel of Guinness, will you please let me know ?