Friday, November 2, 2007

The Safe-Text Husbandry of Neoclassical Omissions

[for Carmen Racovitza]

countless flowflicks litters from those red
netherfallen[s], septuncial erudite
so loved as shuddersome den--
his name,
loose past the lips of eccles, insomnia
book of [cough] shatterday--
Greek, merciless tearsday hidden before visionary
encryption highpitched
whirlwords of kale & koros
press to convey a hard paradox lust, Carmen explains
every splurge which he
misaligned by this moanday mound, thrown
asunderway eye, tenebrous flickering
in, gorgeous Mercurian
sheen on the vellum he raddled over the text…
think of, listen,
nothing more erogenous to the eye…
but the laws of fear have been neoclassical
[explains the litany,