Friday, November 9, 2007

"Light Remains" Print

From painters, poet, composers:

> Dear David-Baptiste,
> It is with deep gratitude to you that I'm sending you,
> and all the others on our list, a copy of your
> beautiful, provocative print. May it help us all to
> see that light remains as well as to realize that much
> work remains.

> With all good wishes,
> Josef

> By the way the exact message that was sent out with
> the pdf version of "Light Remains" follows:
> David-Baptiste Chirot explains: "'Light Remains' is
> from a series of pieces called 'No Place to Move,' a
> series within a much larger one to do with Walls,
> which has been going on for the last 17 months now."
> The title comes from a phrase he made for another
> series a few years ago: "'To absorb darkness until
> all that remains is light'--(the opposite of a Black
> Hole)--Light having the ancient associations which
> continue to this day--and 'Light Remains'--even when
> hope may seem gone--it remains--'One cannot hide from
> that which never sets,' as Heraclitus says. So though
> people my be Walled off, imprisoned, 'disappeared,'
> and turned into non-persons--yet they exist--and Light
> Remains--they are visible--and see through those
> fences and Walls--even when it says 'no place to
> move'--
> "A lot of the pieces are inspired by the situation of
> the people inside Gaza--and then extended and
> continuing to extend to many more areas and situations
> all around one in the world in which Walls may be
> thought of as censorship, surveillance, "security"—not
> only physical Walls, mental and spiritual ones--and
> ones made by language, built with words and images--
> "Light Remains" also as it is the constant in the
> relativity theory for example--all these Walls and
> words change through time--can be changed in time--so
> to see even through the fence and a chink in the
> Wall--is creating an opening--possibilities--"
> David-Baptiste's email address is:
> The pdf version of "Light Remains" is attached. An
> limited edition of 25 has been printed.