Sunday, April 20, 2008

fer some

for some reason ezra pound didnt like jews. he was antisemite. big influence apparently on americano foettry. so says. booki he didnt like UnclTzara as he was Dadesque jew. like eric Satie. breton founder of surrealism so called a school of fish like cubist was antisemite as well. he took Uncle Tzara to attack as well. Such poor boors. attacking Uncle Daday herself. the great grape Lover.
Uncle Approximatif.

pooun d rant and rave against jews day and night in his facist long poem cantos.
so boring his ramble of economics baloneley malarkey

attackin ' this n that...

nothing pretty about Nazis
is there
Mister Pound

praising his Fat Cat MuscleLini

Mister beat up artists queers and others
Other Fascist fats
attackin goo d and holy

attacking jews for some reason

poor Uncle Tzara wasa Jew

he was in Resistance in WW2 fought bad Nazis while others
debarked to New York
in fat cat

God good g-d Uncle Tzara Our Father who are in Communist Heave ~N.