Friday, April 11, 2008

Soccer-Bocce Beyond Incidental Tianamen Sq.

Get yr head into the game, maestro
& out of yr Iowa cock ass ping pong—Veto Demo zoom-doom!
& out of yr string section’s anti-symphonic nymph of an asshole

The oven is Scheherazade’s only means of labor conveyance

Back—k—home on the range—l—m—nOZ Pea-wee kiwi pi
Shld cook 30 mins at 350° till Welsh rarebit druid muffin dweebs bunt pan

Bake till cinnamon-y Condoleezza Rice cakes fake folderol
Or creamy cheesy

The water’s big-goal-siege magum opus near Killian Pass screams
Black b_x missing “o” sings: “One is the loneliest # Yule ever due”
While tap tap tap te tap tap scurries to imagine itself
Music playing rock under violins of tundra

All over Rotterdam mice & Big Macs®’re plowed into graves
The plague isn’t evident
But I have sneezed ten times in five minutes

I want three to the 444th power down to block, alex
I don’t understand how you play yr game with a gun to yr head

4 heads on one stone mountain groove are tokens, chum
Their politics is fantasy—simple glass slippers charmed by a tale

Kinky black dweller bocce specialist first class presidentially
Has lost control of the remote

EBAY Klieg Lights Up Please!
I am the highest bidder has tooth decay written all over it

In Soccer-Bocce pedestrians always have the right of way
Have we learned nothing from Tiananmen Sq?