Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not About Mathematics

In testament syn. (hybrid out LOOK OUT!
On desk pad
System break down 29
Premeditated numbers at a glance
40 archetypal 30 madness of screams

Camellia safari blending π
w/OZ miracles in
Mite ½ plus or minus
oZ miracles in & out 30.03
A mirror
& next of

Say something un—
Expected to laugh

A closet seeks its own dimensions

Ice cream has a halo
Chercher midi & a thousand & one nites
The uptown ferry flows in quantum ly
Vanilla been flavor factors in oppossums’ past & strawberryman
Flavor spiels a pomade of gore
Spiels 60% eleven hundred geese
Not counting the dead ones at The Spoon Diner

I-75 is
Not about mathematics

No # of

Or nodes of specific measure

One requires a zero to formulate a dream, ice hockey pucks blacker
Than frostbitten extremities, frozen presences
A must for any

Lichen to dust
It comes itching under my right sleeve
& then again repeats at intervals

Are everything
Pulse to pulse
P—erize a crac ker
Queer I
Forward mak anic o—el wander thrown from a lorry
No ear
Is good ear

The other
Place holds
At the center
& just left
A third level
Of nuance beyond
72 glib98

Vinnie “The Volt” Voltaire sputters 6 Devil’s Millhopper @ decibels un Coeur De Guerre

The untold
Story remarkable fruit stand talking
8th St.
Summarizes equations
My tongs
Alone cook abalone good
As gold
39¢ post harvest
Per envelope

Per 9 brickle stack