Monday, April 21, 2008

tzara'marxmy man

epound liked to salute MuscleLini yes siree he did he did he didnt like jews
he was an idiot cause he was a bigot spigot imagine not liking jews whatanijdiot. with his pincer clawconfucianism futurism & his vorticist muscle binding idealogues. In paris he never gotalong with none. he even took Joyce _ who is God, to t ask for Finnegans Wake. well too bad for Mister EPound and his canto bantos. his mandarin ding dang. Tzara on the other hand spoke in a discourse all could understand when speaking to a worker's rally in 1929 as plain as an y French so. it was for epater le bougie bores he did his dadatimtimtomdadababbles.

uNlike Pound Tzara was a COmmunist.

He read his Marx without being a Bigot.
he was a Poem.

of the Future .

the other guy,the americano poundy good as he wasas poetsnowit, was one of the past. fast . last