Monday, April 21, 2008

tzara'marxmy man

epound liked to salute MuscleLini yes siree he did he did he didnt like jews
he was an idiot cause he was a bigot spigot imagine not liking jews whatanijdiot. with his pincer clawconfucianism futurism & his vorticist muscle binding idealogues. In paris he never gotalong with none. he even took Joyce _ who is God, to t ask for Finnegans Wake. well too bad for Mister EPound and his canto bantos. his mandarin ding dang. Tzara on the other hand spoke in a discourse all could understand when speaking to a worker's rally in 1929 as plain as an y French so. it was for epater le bougie bores he did his dadatimtimtomdadababbles.

uNlike Pound Tzara was a COmmunist.

He read his Marx without being a Bigot.
he was a Poem.

of the Future .

the other guy,the americano poundy good as he wasas poetsnowit, was one of the past. fast . last


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  1. I had a dream EzraPound was Black.
    Tzara was Chinese.
    they found a way
    to stop the war
    the double bind cross
    of hatreds.

    "when this hatred of life turns into an Immense gratitude...." a phrase from Tzara's Midnight Before Giants. A Prose Poem he wrote inthe 1930's.

    Muses bless them both
    forgive their errors
    as poets
    are carnal creatures
    laden with failure
    short sightedness
    and dim vision
    even blinded!

    "then down went the ship..."
    "unlatch bugles... maison flake..."

    the white giant's thigh...