Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Various Suppositions & Thus Western Spangled Fry Cook

The enthralled supposition of one falsity escorts
A dull knife ensconced in evidentiary panoplies

All but Rorschach revivifies angst-ridden lard detectives
Against victual unnatural Freud
Diddled by us post civil war

Great glaring shite-mongers revolt
& grand revoking—
Basilisks bashed by Irish & old navy & scurvy contagion
Vast & beautifully spew a fry cook

Open ellipsis spans westward partnered by dolomite extremities

American-flexed a lo-boy’s a solo

Pinocchio in pidgin wonder stands handcuffed
& deranged before tribunals of verse
His lies riven tout de suite

His lavish & cuckolded & tit-laden mistresses breakfast
Beside him in arch-cuckolding canopy beds
Champagne & boot soles & charters for instinctual appetizers

A commodity’s insight debauches his soles
In the throes of modality’s wenches
Her highnesses’ histrionic vivisections grown
Dominant in the king’s bedchamber-heart

And thus battled poems

Corporeal grief inane on the mane of golden-flecked oceans
&/or crosses
Anything manifestly bound to the page

Our common folk’s knell keening
In bizarre atmospherics till toady Darwin edits puns
Bluntly with a pen
x-ing out sadness & various suppositions