Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blake's Belly Button

Blake's backhand was better than that. when shipping waybill. coming around
vision of penman and spendour she came in cloud. a sipping yard
pack-a-bloc with juice.
yer poetic license's been revoked.

Blake's bell heaved her winsome golly over the core. she came over
her kidney. sooth beckoning her boston ripe.

Nota: about 2 weeks ago, for an afternoon
3 fellow poet beings did a reading in
the state of New York. it was fun.
forgot how fun. these thing.
were. The audience warm and receptive.
We got little checky things afterward
and cause it's canadian dollar we came out
ahead. Heading to more recital. We go in
cab emerge out of women's bodies. Growing
dozen flowers around genitals.
Ok a bit prosy here. agreed. adjective lover.
your mouth mucked on dirt. O!
in 2008 new book, first in some year
publishing. ought to funner than ever.
funnier ever than, funniest, funnies!
les funnies. oui, yes.

All my words are on parole ~


these posts best view'd in bed mozilla firefox. no condoms
s.v.plait. no safe text.

all your word on parole