Thursday, December 13, 2007

DHL and friends

from that light angle , light, your palm was visible
(her intensity , which would leave no emotion on a normal plane, irritated the youth into a frenzy DHL)
bleeding in print, just rising the noisy it

my puzzled foot against the wall, my zigzagged leg alone
no longer shy
is deep
in sadness
without knowing
and whitewashing
(existence pale inadequate unvital Farrell)

an ordinary happiness cool and cinematic
and humble
threatened by
the sudden movement of wall-beings so alive and present
watching us closely from distant corners
(cold charity unwelcomed Shelley)
with their hidden concentrated rays burning outward
behind my ordinary eyes
seeing with thousand eyes
the burden of of your your bleeding happiness
the whole summer caught in nutshell oiled eyes
all vanishing into abbreviated suns
(your golden filaments in fair design across my duller fibre Millay)

an ordinary print

saved puzzles here, hey , w ?!