Monday, December 17, 2007


precipitation lacks panache (Wabash is swollen
body chem- be drawled (I recently upended
homeopathic doctor named upendra (failed to lash out
but aborted fever (once the story line was cast
a diamond fraught with roughing it (a closure
periodically implodes (facetious winter
overcast demand (imbue the long lost
labor laws (loves independent clause
reworked as brave (on staves
one thrashes about (face facts
the limits of occult (declension
demitasse recurs(to cast white
on the fresh coat (fresco
daintily we wave (throats clear of past
and then we north our way (forward four-walled
as if a case of few (prevails with wind
the windows thus (disperse wind
gently fume(least fresh perfume