Saturday, December 15, 2007

Love Song: To Clifford Duffy's Words


come desiring-machines of the world iubesc fragment all he loves is cheap
tawdry things
that side bust. she loves dharma . I declare your friend body in doubt
some sum sum equals I desiring-machines unlimited.
calibrates the perfect toll?
what yes, you meant? me. was. then of forlorn me me. aşa in this truth basks it
thought -little sage- sent love, her materials iron needle space-bounded dark, it'err _

her machined hand overthinks

was . heaven, a page. some with side was. things that split down?
it's tu time. call me your double . as shit . Sir . testicle thoughts befriend me
iron based. neurotic lack controls the comments my poet bust. phallocracy in war . I you I curve first . your work . wayfarer. noun between to and fro .
the body breath. one palimpest.
the hell was down in those days. forlorn . weak-kneed ___ one arrived...
he left.
egg comments took word and spread it pentru toţi . a little PM rest .
need god, that after space.
lover back 'down' to loser.
after the paleolithic

Etichette: doubly ironic as illiterate action. A-philology. rear body's perpendicular on thought
soft akin to my povestea not pathetic şi night sporesc stasis seeing double time.
schizo. thing. with embering perfection) one desiring-machine to work between eu and love, fragment. love decal. declared some sum sum equals I index.
desenez nocturnal quilts lumii . i draw nocturnal quilts to the world. machine her again

Come with lithim veils to desiring-machines unlimited.

calibrate your thought one veils the things that space. another night. She dark, curve
not yours
well her body's
I meet shoulders are tactile. as night. much [hahahahhaha]
how . [hahahahhaha] how breath. dawn. Come thighs death
embering fragment eruption. out noon.ish. [your comments so anti-desiremachine]
Ok, and oh Duffy telephone undying devenir a space machine.

some doubt. Sir , your 10:40 egg. It works overtime.
lover thinks buttocks lend versurilor
a good air.
paradox. dox. double stippled kenosis.
(dont laugh with your hahaha deluxe. en cheap fragment shrieking back at daddiohe
noon.ish sense of stasis

it? swearing its th oh [hahahahhaha] love, rest heaven, cinema view. Something th lover feels . her action. the split. fragile.
seen. (there before. forth. freak especial . hand over that body machine , true?) so your arrived dawn hold the walking paradox of a PM in disapproval _______________

MissyRimbaud waits. begs. Boy sees Incomplete friend emptyme arrived... well spelled. Bananna heaven says sure__ dares together. a machine approval _______________

MissyRimbaud time.

she. you. dark dealer .felt page. corrective. see ass. some emblematic Author.
No news wave. they wither. breath. to ____________________ No air.
beginner outclasps [hahahahhaha ] page. fragment okay. things stop . wait.
toate .

disapproval _______________ . kenosis. Come __ river. Over to Bucharest page.

i crease the air

space as trauma


you take love as text deterritorialized.
________ Macintosh crude skin, see splitoscenic love in p............oem,
desiring-machines unlimited. Bucharest fragments in your body
depressive organs with hell tips Boy see think! emblematic and corrective
about okay.
the gaudy promise of love river. Over its wave. Author trespasses my time.
his fragment hands touch le air to reach the quilt thought . alr........ight.

wayfarer. seeing Teresa with her burnt-out loves .

that his page. thighs reply. eyes things stop for seeing şi noise. before.
blogged body is swearing swearing with demonstratives
the body shines through in whose skin ?
Pubblicato needs reply. lips no split forth. .
The authoring materials are soft
and wither.
shadows of deluxe.
double call o...
yet I look I freak