Thursday, December 6, 2007

"fleurs" X 9/11 to the second power

Verticality groped “fleurs” occasionally
Retroactive telephones rang to plausible outcomes
Blunter blue guitars robbed at curbside decided
Let’s do the monkey
Angled widths / breadths mistakenly golden
It has a singleness singing like dollarfish in church
But glee & who fled them expect to be fed
Ransomed for no whistle
Each limned beforehand a counterfeit driven ballistic
Matters of shells is what we’re looking for, she said
& went on: the daubs of pallor
The pointillist’s torque sundered by slender feelers
My beliefs? Simple things, yes?
Quarried voices outdraw oddly a giddy abstraction
Tableaux’ inch worth of String Theory toppled by
Rubbled terrible defeats humanity is living thru
The one course slopes off
At frame’s edge a point of seven tangents seems elliptical
Jet-shaped as angst now deeper frgmnts due to meaning
The ordeal is beautiful typography, yes?
& yes, he coped ideally at first
Learned how not to unknot himself psychologically
Before rejecting himself scientifically
Reinvented by followers he missed them by minutes
When he died he changed is a fact it’s true
Still claim men in America love beautiful dogs?