Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Language I Study to Resemble

Inherent little mortal terror fissures little glooms & ordered views
Gladly ascend
Frayed at flying edge of
Both sides an oak
Bottomless of soul

Crunched bug
Gauge dry at Laundromat

From which I observe staunch unfinished name of atom
A conscience is brkn out of
Or some form of

The middle our sojourn / veering clever
Pilots a chute
Meet Lassie

If charge accounts laugh I want to possess clean jeans in daylight
No detergent stronger than tall & plumed bird
Water oaks grow sonic Wakulla Ave.
Endgame at dusk

On plastic shelves
I lay a thin volume

Do I elude myself in the ditch of understanding?

One defines / a language
Is not identical to / I / strut night upon glints
Or the same as / study
Meaning / to resemble / its form is a terror

Rivets a chair
The frame bent
Dysphonic dusk