Sunday, October 21, 2007

shakespeare ist falsch

1 sujet
ich schreibe avanttense. i must be accutely verbed

my verbed thoughts find"propositions" at coeurpoint

truth /contingent. somebodyelse's . needs rephrasing. must look like me. must look like me.

new world. not mine. not yours either, not that contingent truth you love
isol'images of thoughts, à coté, faux mais true
significance, certain strip du significance
""is"" - mot
cerveaux, certain strip du cerveaux

"goat" terms say your letter contours are too narrow
they radar my의incompletezza의 necessary

ledas and swans fly nearby
in a cloud of skinny white pixels

flyture ?
eh ?

ho ho ho

leda (sg.) and the swan (sg.) it is , then