Thursday, October 4, 2007

City Lyric #2 (Redrafting Shakira)

la LA la LA la la la
lâle = tulip
in other alphabets, Allah

why is the lover’s heart
now burned to coal?
your one million Armenians
when reforming free society

and the skull of John the Baptist
they submissive is smear
even call it honor like TV

I stalk bullet
save blue
save is tan believable

its steamy bared genitals
its whispers in the cistern
so murmur in dread language
some Marmara Sea

they THEY they they they
have what the sky anchors would look like
and let me help you spend your money
you toss off opals here

but appeal recklessly
they’ll what? Or else
and tea boys
but attagirl

and no god news is
you on vulnerable
I –land of mutant
baby animals