Wednesday, October 31, 2007

irish wedding cake plus commentary

commentary, remark, note, addenda, preface postface, re-face. no face.common face. common cause. mysterious buckle. trollope in a vein. buttocks in a backseat. rock star punkette bloggette . cursed hour! swiftian trope repartee.

Naturally this text is a comic one and resides in the realm of pure fiction. Clifford Duffy is not married to anyone. [ Actually we got that wrong: Clifford Duffy is not married, period. Not as you wrote. That is too definitive and limits the connotative possibles of yer enunciated whatyamacallit. Yea, yea. Yea, yea. Is.]
He_ is that yer first word?
She _ well darling come on my lap feel my tasted text wrapping itself the length of your slim sentence. Yer assemblage is the one I adore. Yer cockmanence is the goddess I see. I hear its pulse up here in me spine as trawled I do the lake outside Dublin. At me mam's last fortnight I just knew youwere South to me North. I cam e cutting yer text with lovellistedlust.
She_ U mean you dont love me?
Clifford Duffy _ love? are you kidding? when I hear the word love, I want to vomit. each time the word love crosses the mouth of these god forsaken craytures ya know yer in trouble.
She_ well how about do you like F__ k with me? ( these days censoring oneself is sexy)Sucking my ya know what, especially as I spread me t'ighs wet as two cows udders under Howth Castle my peeping anus rainbow stuck way out dere like a honey dried bacon seed? me darling~ CD Is yer play my best arse? I think your a bitextual built for one hundred thousand molecule sex and more. I mean when I tink of the shites that have come and gone, tasted yer pipe, played yer flute, well the hairs on my cunninGlingusgusgussallgussieduPstand-up in outrage! My linguistic leprosy as the bitextual genre is one pure passage to become'd orgasm! I came 300 and 12 times when I read yer compose. Yer composed o'er my Liffey mister Duffy. Not shy as any barrister but a reel hoore in bed, ya are. O yer pipe in my succulent mouth was the heavenly gate opening to me vagina's last gate! O sweet f__ k ! My my what are you not capable of?
rd Duffy _ you rave as always. A sweet thing with compose and rose up yer sweet irish briared arse. Yer arse to me is a banyan shade with many open doors. However, my slut ye ought to , dontcha'knowd dat yer sexycunt is way more interesting to me. When I rode yer wombcacoomboomboom sexy sex I felt me cock growing beyond proportions AND knew knowing true love was on the way!

She and Clifford Duffy holding textual hands up each other'
s arse in hol[e]y

Whe they gotoutof prison shewas high rye addicted to his kiss. She took their kid texting to itslimitlibido.


for the lady O' the green

__________________________ was this she?

C/D total sinner requires control! (context: is the verb in this case, passive, active, transitive, intransitive? All replies must be postmarked before November 12, at which time a winner will be announced. A free 'billet d'avion' to the deluxed wedding of Duffy and said Lynda Miss Ireland world to be issued).


I swear Bayjaysus the poor man's lost his
head over a golfing gal!
what a wee plunker he was!
as we wheezing along the road
with Dublin castle in view
ye'd a tink
we'd married allready!
& he

craaalllwlling under me skirts!
de dirty boy!
scamp of a shagger
I'd say
was a
peeler's cross
over me