Saturday, October 20, 2007

Giotto as Multiple Deranged Angels

White angels > quark
Speed quadrangles to sweet business
Variations of Swan Songs
Spin & web commenti du monde >
Block every door

Escorted fire hive mnemonic
Breeds Kneeling Conservative Politico Machine
Binges on souls
Blanched to bad flesh

Bakelite animus of sour dough
Opens spates gone loose to school
& LAW says I am him
Convinced he must be him

His needle-hand
His knife-hand
Send falling a poem
Peanut not plain
Paint sky light for missing

Ashen fawning falser tongues
Ring colorless
Ring bells w/out semblance
Of peals

Aborted eye
The other bleeds sicker water
Dying in watery distances
Doing nature
A hand or charm
On Opening Day
Can I draw on my words now?

The small heads of angels titrate
Dreams like a fool

The civic heads of strangers wander thru corridors
Selling like soft gels
Timelessly an angel

Re: a dog beneath skin
Grace is but smoke off this cigarette

Dissonance coheres
Murder as war lasts but a fragment
Murder & speed arrive gasping
At wall

Pose of 6 mgs / angelic hunger imperative
Never a gesture
Too volatile for angels

If this smoke is grace
What is this smoke?

Neither latex nor paint
But a pill
La Zip Drive
Il fantastico!

Plow & cunt is a hard drive of angels
Roasted flesh sings ditties of winter insanely
Whose rat is a hand
Whose angels aren’t angels
But crab men

Capsules of dominant fiction
Embers of violins write stove on a peach
Curtsy out of love
In terror of love

Particulate matter
Drums up an ode significant on sale
The angels look snake eyes
Not human?
Here smoke one a mine
Angels on car hoods
Angels in armor
Midnight etc