Monday, October 8, 2007

aristotle had a girl friend she was a drag|contiued in sixthousand parts intermission

reporter to front gate. really.
leper to the back. oh no st. franciscus here.
aristotle had a girl friend. right. you pulling my leg. nah. well what s with the word. what we say . when all was suede and jdonne. done to a T
. come along cresstext with thee/ not so the winking womb } the beared tooth. oh well, so it go. indeed.

to this there were merry others. coxcombing the breaker. not so the merry widow.
3______________________________________________________________is goodbye

then the righting of the pore.
each free coffee is a fate's dime. this here is the comment sextion.
we have hundreds of gmails proving her guilt!~
he was her collusion . in merry muck they sang.jerked as swans over geese. she was ____ he was ____. she was something and so was she. they had other thing.
she called one.
we went to beauty parlour.
O baby yer hair yer hair! that marcelled part was so cute!
so fab!
yer a reel jacky in that outfit you bitch!
her teeth fall out. she spittles on her baby.
she was amother carrying his cunttext next to her breast text.
No Shit! Duffy! - one writes this"Dear Cliffy, I am so so sorry ...."
this was before she came. we came. then in her lab. in her labemail.
she was
phonetically cute. a hIPocrIte.she liked it up the arse. sometimes.
no codes she say! no cods! no condoms. and she only what was somewheres between
24 and 34 ripe for the dreaded you know what! so she sent me dirty mails.
then smart one. oh she was good. wan as any pillbox. she had brushhair. and corinthian teeth. really an old bag disguised & gussied up to appear as "an angel!"
she was a whore in ahot toddy. we were friends. she came over for coffee.left her
female at the door.her unpeeled shin and skin was razor sharp. she came on my mouth.
aleper to boot. a real disease walking box she was. he was. he was she was.

next in line: alcholic covered in sandpaper. other one fanatic to change world.
broke off, cause she think its like marriage. never told either of them
i was homotextual or bitextual to go. he saw she ontically ill.
late one night speaking tooloud she farted into the vase. of Love!
her true love is a redblooded cheese shade between her thighs.
has roses for timber. deathheads lined up in her cape.

absurdity's come in many colours:velour, velvet, damp yellow, moxy red, true green.
ferget not yer labels, mister phon Etiquette.
Comment: this is brilliant yer so smart. I cant get over it. wont you publish with us?Oh come on please ! we're begging you! please Mrs D can you send an attachment with the stamped and holy critical words of a certain Gong Billiman of the United States of Schizophrenia! poste toute de suite! ok!
Please. yer the greatest things since the atomic bomb!
we want to fuck yer text right over the counter!
we got grants
we got fellowships!
we got fellatio!
we got residence!
we got sex!
we got all kinda shite dude. due to you deus absconditus. you can be famous!

email forty one: my husband is no good in bed ,c liffy and I am uptight
what do I do?

have faith meet me friday we fix it quick. meantime read the first two act of Richard 3rd .
she loved this word.

O cliffy yer so neat. like rocks without drinks!
or something like that. you know me.i get wet in the ass thinking of our dirty sex life.

come for me.
naturally he did. authorial license. poetic first class. she was trash. he knew it. owned a quick fix it camera. shined on her falldown baloney filled arse. smelled as shit to loose leaves. not burg

U owe me a sorry! she was sorry to be proud in her mouth filled ego.dime store gob. card varicose vein. her proud pinch arse . was polyglottal to boot.
if you can keep track.