Wednesday, October 17, 2007

river de ~ additional loves ~

eno playing yer head

2nd versio

fluxed out was waved away into ebb flow was ebbflow to flow of river hill and dale... <>was meadow ed flowed, flowed it river ed it

its too cute
cute too
astute ~ well, lookee you think that is ? perception? precisely? concisely was itched to fold its flow ebb. she was the ranked. exclaim heat her Ulysses. really. I shall isle this wheat to bear. o come along and throng with thee. Oh shure .OSURE???!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. yes, Mister Hisou We got Hibiscus and Bisous chere luvah!
after the first letter. it was beta. ok? ecuse moi? toi tu ... me faits... quelle? excuse ME?? hahahahahha,.

shite what manner of typographical l'ntick?RyU? well, look here . ok. tey/ tay? codes dont alway remonstrate molecule.

I cant bear you wont call her? come on. Looks he had foruum to bate her second i.d. dontchat ? what? i remember tues the other time.


u hear to have fun?