Thursday, October 4, 2007

Call "It" a Nightmare's Budding Couture

Fantastic swinging silver fact(or)(y) of dreams turning
"It's caption me time in hdqrtrs"
to dubbing:

3am: eine indische dichtung

4am: CNN& milk-soured hatches open sickly
per sentence
per sentencing "raw" speculative griots per sent message

Fiery in bed clothes I go up
I dial
I dali crucifix

Rave masters junkies hang onMOTOROLA out to shame
[mock songstress distress]
Vista et al
Banana Rama LTDelides

SPACE elides
an oak under much water

history triples MOLOTOV inertia
makes LOVEof a model
Issue etc:

Why Simone lies waken

Hazar! Hazar! Real -isms
rummage old gills minus mustangs' Pop art hoof by hoof

I sup over gulls

Accessed/ing Trojan tower disks often seismic
red groom
great grey Kline meat doom whistles trunks, lives, small creatures named Harrison

Mr. Fixit sours
the ape