Friday, October 26, 2007

lay girl

(based on clifford poem)

petunia -
personafictation of unity
chewing time

her air / bow-tie bodyshape univocally faces wisteria
one wistful window of glow
around potted R of
of peeling immanence

fiction as bounced bark, always with the salad character swallowing his abstract gruel
crushing Carmen’s lover's bangs / making them snort

spin these representations

two indeed for that hee-haw soup when ~ 2
calls personafictation :

lilac summer /two shows/ blue all around her around her visage "fictive
when ~2 say/ like boom boom

(oh, that tired, placid / wink)

forget the 3 / as Mona's smiling wishes
mirror in
the jouissance mirror/ fair over her cameo

goo-ga-loo mouth

she was