Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Aelian's Text Passes Through Kilwa, Under Cover of Angmogao.

Spoude alce Rome
typing pronghorn slowly amidst
the snake-furred bulls in their candied glass
coma, stipex, pundus, stigm

Toynbee mentions corn in relation to a Roman
snake cult, but does not qualify it

eye-ther with the name of the cult
nor its origin, not the kind

slowly softens
on the cob
becoming sweeter
according to Aelian

the skin that peels off
from this
is your famulus
very familiar to all of ous~

Missy Issa Supplicatio,
Frascati's tiny doggie called Grasshopper
run off though Ugogo
though none of us would have
expected to find that rarest of portraits
of the pseudo-Glykon's

partly human
partly camellian
long haired
snake's head

and then from the rustic blinds
the rushes
the stands, we part for the cube of green flies,
we shade our eyes from the great boa's shining golden phallus ring
worn for the--

STRUTHIO! *(no test in Bagamayo look frontal disease may flatten affect)

society might be a larger example of the
"split brain"
patient, it starts a rumor,
like a room, or a tumor

let's say we were both embroidering
upon the same large velvet eyelid [That eyelid resists in lovely ways..]
of an enormous doll
and a little girl came in
holding a yellow candle

we both
look up

[Carracci's Gonsalvus]

i've always been satisfied
with your continents
but the wave hep herd them on

"knowiung" a single man eschewing sunglasses.

^@^ oreodont near SPray

prismatic shepherd's loamall:
"My body is my opinion.."
the Rihla says nothing
of the reason why
Ibn Battuta left Fez to visit Mali

We take this route ("We're Out.")
for a single word
a placename
take all of this spoem and tri
to hunderstoned how I arrived so synply at this final word

Sijilmasa (After Kegon's Lycopardon)


from there al-Idrisi describes
"the empty waste"

Oh, a sys, Timbuctouw?

No, It's the nigrostriatal pathway, as
some of these snakes are trained to feed at the table
with the children (many cubits ago).