Monday, September 3, 2007

English to Italian to English

to confront the thee to the day of the summer?
Moderated art of the thou beautifulr and more:
The twenty of principle churn the buds beloveds of May
and hath of the lease contract of the summer the all the too much short date:
A too much warm moment the sky eye polishes
and often it is its complexion of the darkened gold
and every fair from the fair a moment declines,
for case, or the changing course of the nature untrimmed:
But the eternal summer thy sbiad,
neither loses the just possession of those ow' st of the thou,
neither the dead women will boast the wander' st of the thou in its tonality,
when in the eternal lines cronometrare the grow' st of the thou,
on condition that the men can breathe, or in eyes he can see,
so as to this wishes screw and this gives the life to the thee.

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