Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bin Ther(e) Din(h_ T(hat- Non-Old[ Awakening Marx

1. Our? ? Non- right cause? ? Right one 个 怎? Mark person, 而 right cause? Our happiness? Giving? Resident in one happening? Mark impression? . 2. Sinking manned? Profit? Flow 泪? Profit? ? ? ? 做 Mark human non- meeting? ? 哭 crying. 3. Losing leaving certain person, most 糟? Mark Mo? 于 Other things it is close the resident in body 旁, 却 犹 如? Resident in heaven? . 4. ? Nature? Heart, 也 unnecessary 愁 eyebrow non- spreading/displaying, cause? ? Ignorance right? Meeting? On? Mark laughing permitting/inserting. 5. ? 于 worldwide 而 word? Right one 个 person; 但 right? 于 certain 个 person? Right other integral 个 world. 6. Unnecessary? 那 些 Non- 愿resident in? Personal flower? ? ? Mark person 而 浪? ? Mark? ? . 7. ? ? Mark human 如 fruit sinking possession 按? Place desired system it comes? ? 那 并 Non- typical other things? Sinking possession all the heart all natures? ? . 8. Unnecessary arrival emergency and most good mark? Meeting resident in most non-? Mind? Coming out? . 9. In resident in couple arriving at 梦 before the human 之, upper heaven 也? Meeting it is cheap anti- our? Tip couple arriving at? Mark person; Resident in our? ? 于 couple? Heart? Mark person? Flight? This heart existence deep emotion 10 non- primary factor? ? Bundle 而 哭 crying, smile? ? ? Mark 曾? ? Possession.

Full Translation:

[Your marks are desires beyond your form.]
[Your marks continue to desire after you have passed.]
[Your marks cause other marks, and destroy other marks.]
[Marks are both people and marks and neither.]
[Your marks are emotions and the motion of energy, and
the relations and non-relations between those marks, these, those.]
[Are you a mark, or a mark?]
[You are a mark.]