Tuesday, September 11, 2007

[who's sorry now?]


  1. I saw a lecture by Dinh Le. I thought
    he was amazing! Seems like you probably know him..

    oddly enough the tartan reminds me of the mummies of Urumchi.

  2. Yo Lanny,

    I don't know that guy personally, but I've seen his work in reproductions. He is good. I've never heard of Urumchi. I just googled it. Hey, what's up with the Isle of Man symbol on your blog?

  3. code for "process"

    or (m)eaning.&

    isle or is-lets

    or is allows

    is all lo's

    is all los

    kind of an emersonian
    echo of the ancient
    song word of perfect harmonious

    a fairy tale i suppose

    but diogenes is an example
    of a being living both inside and outside ideology simultaneously
    that kind of bla.. i guess.

    dinh's helicopter film
    is really beautiful.

    be well.