Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Variations on a Chub

For The Central Magnetic Core

This blue. [chub]
Pharmaneutic self-assembly of dendritic structures. [abchub]
Is nothing but auxetic. [chaybab]
Arriving at high-level possession beginning. [chubabe]
Groun levercasting a prolapsed. [bachubby]
Imp rowing babbly as nether vegetable. [chubbles]
In organ animal dendritic. [chubchub]
Knots seven persons butte. [chabbi]
Snoring gash flexical cash. [ichubbi]
Hypotheftically. [achubo]
Liquid crystal collection body harmony. [ichubobab]
A favela by a fellow gust hare. [ochubo]
Left finally deaf. [chuba]
As matter mighty. [chube]
Stick to a stick. [echubi]
Membrane of yes dissolved. [uchubua]
Virginal in-scape or exquisite. [uachubst]
Awl the owl. [chuby]
Six digold(Ⅰ) branches. [achuboab]
The gist of switches is. [achuboa]
We are sex ist in places. [bachub]
Otherwise strange and probably. [buchub]
Impossible. [chuchub]
Yeti here. [chubua]
Yours. Is is not the first face. [bichub]
To appear monstrous. [chubo]
Unsurrounded upright. [chubu]
On two foot awakeners. [chubul]
Stoned from the slap of a Nobbed Ody. [sichub]
Luminescence Property of Metallodendritic Supramolecule. [kichub]
One central nuclear work model. [chubui]
Business foreground. [chuber]