Wednesday, September 26, 2007

flagram (overtime)

mere mention of your dovelings
reaches into anonymity for me
I think I'm going to feed the shallow one
and name it bradley
or I think I'm going to hypothesize
that you are golden
when I seem to have encompassed you
as I careen to one side with your wilderness
resembling old fire happiness
mis-ordered and misfired alongside barbs and whittled
corpus of the dark
rumored to magnify itself
while we are leaving home
as if there were a home to leave
the same as wallflower and the same as silk
the same as knowing nothing
when you say to me it's hormones I believe
your hurt face and the fire and the young posses
on alert and on behalf of fire dependables
with envy in their quivers and with certitude
as breast stroke happens to leave down
into the water and connect with it
as context and as motion and as silver place
to go from
while we're shouldering a form of happiness
to break free of opposing counsel
welcome to my viaduct my breathalized
inhabitance my overriding pique at your
blue globe left middling
with the floor as fever with the hype
left for recitation to the live wire
obvious and to the shelf dolls
still rebellious as projected