Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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I must - je compare thee with the day of a summer?
Thoukunst more that it stimulates and more moderately:
The soft buds of May and hath of the rent of the summer
churn the rough crane too much all the short date:
The eye of the sky, shines once too much warmly
and its Goldteint often is dimmed,
and every fair of the fair comes down once,
for occasion, or the course that modification of the nature untrimmed:
But thy the eternal summer does not have to still wither
to lose possession Thou death ow' st and still prahlt
wander' st in its color, if in the eternal lines to determine
this adequate Thou time Thou time grow' st to determine,
until men it can breathe or that in the eyes it can see,
to aspire therefore screw of this last one, and this last one gives the life thee.

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