Friday, September 21, 2007


for he has two thin snakes instead of horns
and they curl down and delicately hold two lenses
for his eyes are not what they once were

burning coals of sulphur
aswarm with metallic goat-fish

[busstop] (plenty of emotions there, mostly we are crippled)
~twenty thousand li from here~

skin verticals
macadam ranging the notice

grimey or solvent
some sign

from drang to durango

the S-term past stern
now a whirlwending its plasma ikonhand
through the snouts, the efficient signals

of the Xi-turtle

Guo Pu described the Xi-Turtle as large
and having a thin shell with markings

approaching refinement
explanations and analyses of graphs recorded
that it uttered a sound from its stomach

which is nothing like the GEGE-FISH

I am uncomfortable often. So often, it is really the only feeling I know well.
I have to squint and concentrate to feel natural or happy. I often imagine my skeleton is gone,
and I can return to my amoebic and faceless oozing, sealing off myself later in a new pouch of mechanicalls
the star jade manifold
[silent as a sea chicken]
so that I may sleep among the Xi-turtles