Friday, September 7, 2007


Pembasol Aids Iguanas,
sloppy leisure yondles the long walk home
aside sandwich and novelties and immutation

the gods are the gods because they are most happy
the happy are happy because they are without solicitude and labor
they who are not disturbed and angered do not have labor and solicitude

elicit use
Galatea adorned the "goal"..

Gem Asylum in nous for 'Kosmometrysts'
lousy lazy nosy snoopy
uppon the haw thorn 3 biscuits

now dwarf box
T-shaped block
tongue-pattern frieze

The anastylosis project of the Northwest Heroon
falgs sa tunnel to Shimtua

near the witch cave

is Witch ground


This season, its concentrates (leucan* [tuat/twat] PNP&
bon skitter H-elf a bete
on a trial of positioning the central arch
We have identified nine new pottery fabrics
in the Apollo Klarios assemblage
looking pie-bald bovine amoeba helmet
rustic udders popping out for bug-eyes

fly swaller fidget squirt
the photon a program
the huroo a gumlaw

Gunfighter's give personal preferences
to the hulking shadow maw

this dry hateful thing
fondling some kind of phosphorescent fungal jelly rod
suddenly become conscious
and slip away into the ether

neuron (poose
neutral (dammy
nether (gifwhol
weather (tongun
brother (shabuun tre
favor (ikkle
lava (slong
neighbor (leisure goat devil applets
gray bo (porcine vomit bustle

Apollo's face is replaced by pink cauliflower
if you see John Merrick (camera-chymera-mirror-error-verizon)

the odd new~ bloom
wide and narrow
like a sort of troll mouth
with metal bees for teeth
and slo mo

making castles of white milk
by gaorgling

chaste noises
frame the harmonic