Monday, September 17, 2007

Theurgic Regorgic, A Mess You Are N-Titled To Cling Up

For an Invocation of "Series" [8Mg]


We can pull down a host of menus..

Imagine the speaker [selector] to be the Orminian "horned g"..

the "Ohg" says Algiz, to umn the g-rave, (the raving of the striatal g-form)

where the algiz pointing up is life and pointing down is death,
or if the icon proposed a continuation of current-seas, as upon
the Ramo secco (Aes rude):

or some orphaned text:

large still frame, still concerning the opacity, or the flatness, or the openings
into the depths of the flatness, where the skein rebounds from the pure potential
and its uses, and the optical become an avatar of redemption wielding ontology
like an olive branch, or like the "withered branch" of the Algiz become a schitzagonal icon appearing on some distant yet related vector, everything become contextual. Futhark becoming the 'Northern Etruscan'..

lebenrun y todenrun


Or perhaps a poem to Shaman Xian:

Shaman Xian was to come down this evening
So I entreated him with an offering
of fragrant rice
A hundred gods obscuring everything
accompanied his descent
As the gods of Nine-Similar-Peaks
advanced to welcome him.
He manifested his divine presence
in a dazzling blaze of glory
And announced to me auspicious remarks.

This is one of the earliest examples in chinese history of a poem of divine descent.

enunciation is from above, light and life yoked at the root

the Algiz monster being mapped to the induction of the mortal coil

Old App.~hollow, Eve Newton and the Apple Snake

Appollos selektor @ Pythios

the Opposing sine waves of
the fee-line (the grreen line) necks (next-text)
upon the Narmer palette

whose created basin was a palette for eye-make up to shield one's eyes
from the glare of Re

:from the G-layer

The lowest, the most brutal, layer in the Cultus of Signs.

The sadness and joy, of those prunings of the path.

Our Images are also the tracks of a collective fate.

[phat~e!] see something like an elegant french commode
a vanity laid with the fetishes of the ages, or as a diagram
of the flashes on the waters of Nut

things continue into other things
light into sound, word into idea, idea into poem, poem into silence
silence into stone, stone into water

poor EM
some sigh
lent to seas

Sieze Your

Topknot (how power works)
or as a butterfly

the orchestral banks of hair-like switches

the complex architectronix of cultus